Why Every Parent Should Use a Nanny Cam

Are you considering getting a nanny cam?

Wondering if it’s the right choice for you?

While you feel a little reluctant to start spying on your nanny, when it comes to your children, it’s important to know without a doubt that they are safe and well-protected. Even if you’ve worked hard at choosing the perfect nanny, it can still be worth having the added security that a nanny cam can bring.

Here are some of the top reasons why every parent should use a nanny cam.

1. You Gain Peace of Mind When You Use a Nanny Cam

The way our minds work, we can become very worried when leaving our children with a stranger or even a relative. Even in the case that there is absolutely nothing to worry about, a nanny cam can help to ease your mind and give you relief.

By knowing that you have the ability to check up on your children at any time you will have peace of mind and be much less stressed while away from your home. This will allow your mind to focus on other things such as your job, instead of constant worry and uncertainty.

2. Improve Your Nanny’s Work Performance

Even if your nanny is completely trustworthy, there is still the possibility that their work habits could be improved. A nanny cam can be used as a tool evaluate your nanny’s work performance and to then make recommendations on how they can improve.

If you find that he or she is spending too much time watching television and not caring for your child, you can gently remind them what they’re being paid to do.

Additionally, while you can easily hide a spy camera in your home you may instead choose to let your nanny know that they will be watched. If you do, this can also go a long way in helping them to do a better job. They will know that if their performance is poor, it won’t go unnoticed.

3. You Can Prevent Abuse

While it’s hard to believe, bad things do happen.

Even people you trust and would never expect may have a dark side or can be more trustworthy than the initially appear. A nanny can potentially bring harm to your children through neglect or abuse.

In many cases, if your child is too young they won’t be able to speak up themselves. A nanny cam is the best way to protect your children from harm. If you use a nanny cam you can make sure that there are no surprises when it comes to the behavior of your nanny and the well-being of your children.

4. Use Footage as Evidence in Court

In the case that abuse or harm comes to your child, a nanny cam can help lead to an arrest and assist in the prosecution of an abuser. If you take the case to court a nanny cam may be able to be used as evidence and help to get justice served.

However, be aware that nanny cam laws vary and what can and cannot be used in court varies from place to place. In some areas, for example, you may be able to use video from a nanny cam but not the audio. Make sure you know the laws in your area and plan accordingly.

5. You’ll Feel a Greater Connection to Your Children

Aside from protecting your children from harm, a nanny cam can simply allow you to feel a stronger connection to your home and your children while you’re away.

If you often have to work long hours at your job, a nanny cam can be the perfect solution. You’ll be able to look in on your children and see them playing whenever you feel like it.

You’ll also have less risk of missing potential milestones such as a first word or first step.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the safety of your children, there’s no better time to use the saying, “Better safe than sorry.”

A nanny cam may just be exactly what you need to feel at ease and know without a doubt that your children are in good hands, living the carefree childhood they deserve.

Ready to start looking for the best nanny cams? Check out our extensive selection of spy cameras now.

5 Scenarios Where You Can Use Your Listening Devices

Whether used for personal objectives or professional services, listening devices can be extremely useful. These devices can allow you to eavesdrop on a particular conversation. They can also monitor, record, and store various audio files.

Listening devices come in a range of styles and prices. They can vary from small pocket recorders to mini dishes that can allow you to listen from a distance. These devices are meant to be used covertly and in a legal manner.

Covert surveillance can be incredibly useful in many circumstances. Read on for 5 scenarios where you can use your device to get the evidence that you need.

1. Employment Matter

We have all heard horror stories about employment situations gone wrong. Many people can feel trapped in their jobs when they feel like they have been taken advantage of or wronged.

Because of the sensitive nature of employer-employee relationships, sometimes it can be very difficult to present a case because of the obvious power dynamic. It is even more difficult to build a case if you do not have any hard evidence.

Having a covert listening device can help you gather that evidence. If you are in a situation where you are constantly being put in an uncomfortable or unfair situation, having an audio recording is a sure way to make sure your employer or boss suffers the consequences of their actions.

2. Legal Case

Depending on your needs, there are many instances where a remote device can be a huge benefit as you build your case.

Often times, it can be hard to obtain hard proof of what someone did or does. Having an audio recording of the other party admitting their guilt can be the make it or break it element to your case.

3. Business Matter

There are many different types of business that people engage in. Sometimes, when people decide to go into business with family or friends, things can get ugly.

We always hear that it is the people closest to you that may sometimes take advantage of you. Unfortunately, this happens quite a lot. Having a listening device allows you to check in with your business and see if people are performing the way they should.

Not only does it allow you to keep tabs on your employees, it also provides protection and proof if someone was ever to falsely claim something.

4. Personal

There are various personal scenarios that can occur which may lead you to require recording or listening devices. Often times, the more personal the situation, the more complicated it is to solve.

Having a listening device on you when you know you are about to engage in an uncomfortable personal situation provides you protection. Whatever happens, you will always have audio proof of the situation that unfolded. That could be absolutely key if any repercussions were to happen.

In this example, a brave domestic abuse survivor shared a distressing audio recording with the public. This recording proved to be vital evidence in securing a conviction following months and months of terrible abuse.

5. Safety of Your Family

A device that has increasingly become more and more popular is the nanny cam. When parents want to have a date night or need to be out of the home, how do they know that the person they have entrusted the safety of their children to can be trusted?

There are many horror stories from all over the world about what parents have seen on their nanny cam.

With a device like a nanny cam, you will be at peace of mind knowing that you can still keep an eye on what is going on at home. Nanny cams often times have a recording device built in as well, so not only can you see what is going on, you can also hear what is being said.

There are many nanny cams out there that are cleverly disguised as everyday household objects. That way, you know that you are getting the most truthful behavior or what goes on at home when you are not around.

Convinced About Listening Devices?

As you can see from above, there are many scenarios where you would have benefited from being more prepared. Having a listening device can help you immensely down the road when you find yourself in a sticky situation.

Need help finding the right device for you? Contact us today. We are here to help.

How a Spy Watch Can Help You Get a Leg Up on Competition

“Scientia potentia es” is Latin for knowledge is power. A modern twist on the phrase — information is power — suggests that gathering information gives you power. Here we will consider why doing so with a spy watch is an effective means of doing so.

Earliest western attribution of the sentiment goes to the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes who died in 1679. The world is now unrecognizable compared to Hobbes time. But the idea that whoever holds the most and best information holds the greatest power remains true today.

Here is how a spy watch, a simple and small tool, can help you get a leg up on the competition.

What can a spy watch do?

Understanding what a spy watch can do illustrates why they are effective in gathering and preserving information.

Small and Discrete Storage

Watches are intentionally small. So space to store this like paper messages or memory cards is limited. But with the trend of bulky timepieces for men, you can pack in some surprising stuff.

Record Audio Discretely

Many people speak freely when they think they can’t be held accountable for what they say. If people don’t believe their words will come back to haunt them, they will say almost everything. Capturing that information could remove the “your word against mine” defense.

(There is a strangely good example of this in the hit Disney movie Zootopia.)

Capture Video or Stills Discretely

With a subtle adjustment of your spy watch, you can document people in the act. There is no more genuine proof of guilt than being caught red-handed.

Many watches use the increasingly powerful mobile cameras often used in other mobile devices. Some even have access to external xD, SD or micro storage cards. Some of them even store up to 8 GB of info.

Walkie-talkie Capabilities

Talking into your wristwatch as if you were in a spy thriller is less than subtle. But it is a useful feature if you need to have some degree of discretion in your locally emitted communications. But it does free up space on your person for other gear.

Motion Sensor? Yes Please!

Watches already make noise for alarms. Add a small IR sensor and you have a motion sensor alert like in simple home security systems. However, because of the size limitations, an IR sensor has limited range and only really make sense when you’re wearing it. Plus, an IR sensor doesn’t discriminate between a cute kitty or a creep.

A Word of Caution

The U.S. Federal Government and state government have varying laws over who can record and what they can record. Simply because you can record information doesn’t mean you should or that you can use it. Unless you plan to operate outside of the law (which we advise you don’t), keep your recording activities on the right side of legal.

You’re going to want a pro to set you up with the right gear, advise you on what you can do and where you can do it. Call us today for the insider perspective on the best spy equipment!

Am I Being Watched? How to Check for a Two Way Mirror

In the tumultuous times of 2017, you can never be too careful about your personal safety. Big cities are constantly under threat of attack, but you could be vulnerable in your everyday life as well. In the past years, more and more people have found themselves the victim of a two way mirror.

Two-way mirrors are designed to be undetectable and used for police/detective work. Unfortunately, criminals have taken these well-intended devices and used them to their advantage. How do you know if you’re one of these unsuspecting victims?

Thankfully there are a few ways to tell. Read on below to stay safe!

How to Identify a Two Way Mirror

The Finger Test

The way regular mirrors are constructed is different than a two-way mirror. With a household mirror, the silver is painted/applied behind the glass at the back of the frame.

With a two-way mirror, it’s the opposite. Two way mirrors are essentially very tinted windows.

The construction differences allow you to identify which mirror is which. When you’re suspicious about a mirror’s integrity, place your finger onto the glass in a pointing position. If there appears to be a gap between your fingertip and the glass, it’s a one-way mirror and you’re safe.

If the reflection of your fingertip touches the real finger, it’s likely a two way mirror and you need to perform another test to make sure.

Location Location Location

Like in real estate, the location of a potential double mirror determines it’s “value” to criminals. Think about where the mirror is in relation to the rest of the house/building.

For example, a mirror in your hotel room bathroom on a wall that faces the interior of the room doesn’t have space for a viewing area.

On the other hand, public dressing rooms that have mirrored walls and an unknown architectural structure would be worth checking. For a double way mirror to work, there needs to be space enough behind it for people to watch.

Tap Test

Since there needs to be a space at the back of the mirror for criminals or peeping toms, double mirrors will sound hollow.

If you suspect you’re being watched, tap on the glass and listen to the sound. If you can hear a hollow reverberating sound, there’s a chance it’s a two-way mirror.


The way two-way mirrors work requires the light on the reflective side to be much brighter than a normal room. This is because two-way mirrors work much like tinted windows.

For example, if a house has its lights on and it’s dark outside, it’s easier to see in vs when the lights are off.

What to do if You Suspect Foul Play

If you’ve performed the tests above and you think you’re dealing with a two-way mirror, leave as soon as possible. Get out of the mirror’s view and make sure to note its exact location. Call or visit the police and let them know your suspicions.

Tell them the tests you completed and the mirror’s exact location. They’ll handle it from there.


Staying safe in 2017 can be difficult, but with these tips, you should be able to catch peeping toms. For other safety needs, we offer a large range of products from home security cameras to authentic spy gear. We’re always ready to keep you safe.

Which of these tips will you try first? Let us know in the comments!

Why Installing a Nanny Cam Keeps Your Child Safe

These days, you never know who you can trust.

Especially when it comes to finding reliable childcare.

Sites like Care.com have created a forum for parents to find trustworthy babysitters and nannies. But even with all the right references, the worst can still happen.

Even in these frightening times, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your children are safe. And nothing builds that confidence like a nanny cam.

Installing a small hidden camera is a good idea for a number of reasons. And not just for the reasons you might think…

A Nanny Cam Creates Accountability

As the old saying goes, “when the cat’s away, the mice will play.” You already know that your children will take advantage of your absence.

But you better believe that a nanny will too.

When alone with your children, your nanny will say and do things that they would never do while you are around.

They could do harmless things, like letting them have one more cookie than you’d allow. Or they could be abusing your children while you’re away.

But what if you could keep an on your children and the nanny all the time?

When someone knows they are being observed, their behavior changes. Psychology calls this the Hawthorne Effect.

It’s your choice to let your babysitter know they’re being monitored. But whether you do or not, a nanny cam will ensure that your children are safe.

Identify Red Flags Before They Become Problems

In many nanny nightmare stories, parents install a nanny cam after noticing strange behavior in their child.

Only then did they discover the horrible truth of what was going on.

Most likely, a babysitter doesn’t start abusing a child right off the bat. This behavior starts gradually. They might just swat your child’s hand. But when they don’t face any repercussions from that, they become rougher and more abusive.

But what if the parents were able to catch the nanny’s harmful actions from the start?

A nanny cam allows you to nip bad behavior before it becomes abuse, keeping your children safe.

Watch for Trouble Behavior in your Children

Babysitters aren’t the only ones that can cause trouble. Kids can too.

But if you have kids, you already know that.

No matter how much time your nanny spends with your kids, they will never know them like you do. They won’t notice minor changes in their behavior or subtle personality shifts that might signify larger issues.

A nanny cam will help you catch changes in your children so you will know to address them.

Don’t Wait to Install a Nanny Cam

Don’t wait until you suspect that something might be wrong. Install a camera before you need one.

Whether you use a disguised camera or something a little more conspicuous, a nanny cam is a powerful weapon in the war for peace of mind.

Need help finding a camera to suit your needs? Contact us today. We’re here to help.

4 Ways to Find a Hidden Spy Cam

Especially after the shocking Erin Andrews case, more and more people (especially women) are concerned that they are being spied on.

Of course, there are many reasons people want to install a Spy Cam, most of which are not sinister at all. They can include keeping an eye on nannies, children, or pets, ensuring that employees are following protocol and more.

In some cases, these cameras have saved lives and stopped abuse.

But it helps to know, straight from the Spy Cam professionals, how to spot a hidden camera. Let’s take a look at 4 things you can look for if you suspect someone might be watching you.

1. Unfamiliar Objects

Have you recently spotted a new item in your home? Something you just don’t seem to remember buying for yourself?

Has a previously-unfriendly neighbor recently dropped by with an unexpected gift?

The reality is that these objects could be hidden cameras. While usually, gifts contain nothing but good intentions, if your instincts tell you that something’s off, it’s worth a look — or listen.

Take the object to an electronics store, spy equipment professional, or simply remove it from your home.

You can also listen for tiny buzzes and clicks that might be motion-activated.

2. Look For A Lens Reflection

This requires a little more effort, but it’s very effective. Turn off all the lights in the room where you suspect you’re being monitored. Then, check for a Spy Cam by slowly shining a flashlight around the room.

Focus especially on the walls, and take your time. What you’re looking for is a tiny flash of light, indicating that your flashlight has caught the reflection of a camera lens.

3. You’ve Noticed Wires Everywhere

With so much technology in our lives, it can be easy for someone to sneak an extra wire or cord in your home.

You likely might not even notice it’s there because you’re so used to extension cords and chargers.

Make an effort to always be aware of where all the wires in your house lead to. Check them routinely.  If you notice anything out of the ordinary, you may be being watched.

4. You Spot Tiny Holes In Your Home

Have you noticed a pin-sized hole in your walls, on an object, or anywhere else?

Remember that with today’s technology, most camera holes are minuscule. They don’t need much space to do the job.

If all else fails, you can also look into purchasing a professional camera detector. There are even apps you can download on your phone that will help you find any lenses (though the flashlight app works just as well, too.)

You Know How To Discover A Spy Cam

Maybe you read this article because you wanted to know the warning signs of a hidden camera.

Or perhaps you are considering purchasing some spy equipment for yourself, for professional use or to look after your loved ones at home.

Whatever your reason, be sure to spend some time on our website to learn more about the tools you can use to keep yourself and others safe.


5 Benefits of Using a Hidden Camera in Your Home

Home security is a top priority. Today, with so many security options available, figuring out how to best protect yourself and your loved ones may seem overwhelming.

If you’re considering a hidden camera, we are here to explain why these valuable devices are not just for spies.

Let’s get into some of the top benefits!

Why You Need a Hidden Camera System

Monitor Possible Intruders

Maybe you travel a lot. Maybe you live in a sketchy neighborhood. Or, maybe you just want to make sure your home is protected when you’re not in it.

Traditional alarm systems have their flaws, with some burglars professing that this feature would not stop them from attempting to commit a crime. Many, in fact, know how to dismantle and “break” these systems.

A hidden camera offers a hidden advantage – it’s a layer of security, criminals don’t know about.

Monitor People Working in Your Home

Obviously, it’s important to have protection against criminal activity.

But, what about the people who are already trusted inside? What if you just hired a new nanny? Or a contractor is working in your home alone? Or you have a weekly cleaning crew?

While nobody wants to imagine professionals would take advantage of your trust, trouble can and does happen.

A hidden camera provides additional protection and peace of mind.

Watch Your Own Kids

Whether you suspect your teenager is bringing home someone she shouldn’t when you’re not home or your kid keeps stealing from the candy jar, hidden cameras offer invaluable monitoring.

As a concerned parent, you want to make sure everything is running smoothly while you’re in and out of the home. A hidden camera allows for just that.

Getting Down to The Truth

It’s not necessarily a perk we are thrilled about, but it’s important to note: if there’s trouble in romantic paradise, a hidden camera can reveal any potential suspicious behavior.

Feeling like your significant other is sneaking around? Lying to you? Maybe it’s just a hunch, but maybe it’s not.

And, unlike text messages which can quickly be deleted or checking for random clues around the car, camera evidence is essentially impossible to debunk.

Suspecting that your partner is being unfaithful can be emotionally destructive for everyone involved. A hidden camera eliminates the guessing and speculating and reveals the facts for what they are.

After all, nothing is worse than having a hunch something is wrong, but not having proof.

Preserves Evidence

If the worst case scenario were to play out, and someone broke into your home. They may have taken valuable items that can never be replaced. This is heartbreaking.

But then you remember that you were proactive and took the time to install a camera in your home. You caught the crook on camera!

You have audio and/or visual documentation. While this may not get your belongings back, it does provide proof, and that can help your case.

Do you have a hidden camera at home? Why did you get one? Comment below!