Spy Gear

Use of Spy Gadgets Not Just for Agents Anymore

Not long ago, only ‘official’ spies had spy gadgets, or so it seemed. The equipment used to conduct surveillance, do effective monitoring, or track our subjects either didn’t exist, was outrageously expensive, or was only found in the “tool kits” of the professionals. Either that or the equipment was so large there was simply no way to be discreet. Ever see a surveillance camera circa 1970? That’s big and boxy! Especially when compared with the tiny cameras that are on the market today – cameras which are easily hidden, can deliver wireless feeds to remote monitors or storage devices, and offer picture quality that puts even 1980’s era cameras to shame. And of course, night vision capability is an innovation that existed in only a very rudimentary form then.

The quality of cameras is just one area in which spy gear has improved. Constant innovation among military and non-military engineers has led to great advances in our ability to find, track and monitor individuals. Think of the GPS tracking devices, for example. Where would monitoring be today without them? The local used car facility slaps one on the car of the guy who is behind in his payments, and when it’s time to repo the auto they know exactly where it is. No games from him, no hiding. They simply go online to the GPS monitoring site and find out the precise spot where the vehicle sits. That’s just one of the technological advances that have been absolute game changers, making the practice of gathering necessary information easy, discreet, and highly effective.

Things have also changed dramatically in terms of cost, and quality spy stuff is available at affordable prices. Cameras cost a fraction of what they did a decade ago, while being multiple times better. This has made spy gear more widely available, and it is being used not only by police, private investigators, and a few forward thinking individuals. Gear is also on the leading edge of standard security methods employed by parents, educators, child care workers and others.

Real Spy Gear for Sale

The James Bond movie series is an entertaining watch for those who just love to learn about the secret lives of spies. After all, who would not be thrilled watching pens that work as video recorders, or remote controlled cars that drive on their own.

Of course, you are one lucky creature if you have Q, James Bond’s gadget man, at your beck and call. But don’t you worry because even real life can imitate the movies, minus the glitz.

This equipment is not merely something you see in the movies but exists in real life, and are used by those in the security and the surveillance business. By this, we mean those who belong to security agencies to track clues for their clients, as well as military personnel who make use of devices to get necessary information for the government.

There are different types of gadgets for sale in the world market and even on the World Wide Web. Everyday, a new ones become available which can respond to your every spying need.  As simple as a pair of binoculars to see people and things from afar, or something more complex.  It can also be equipment that allows you to see even during night time because of its infrared feature.

The ordinary camera that people use to get photos is perhaps the most common and easy to obtain. However, there are various types of cameras which spies use in their trade. This can be a camera with special lenses that can take clear photos even in low light or in long distances. There are wifi spy cameras and other ordinary items that allow spies to get photos of their subjects without the latter being aware of it.

Among the breakthroughs in the spy world are tracking devices equipped with the Global Positioning System or GPS. These spy gadgets can be attached on various objects like cars, to track down people and their locations. This device is usually used by private investigators who are hired to track down spouses and suspicious individuals.

The latest spy gadgets that are fast becoming popular are normal gadgets which ordinary civilians use.  But then again, look twice and these gadgets turn out to be something much more than they appear to be.  Among these are iPod shuffles that come with a hidden spy camera, a lighter that comes with a camera, or a SIM card that allows you to spy on other people’s messages.

While this gear is effective when used on people who are not aware that they are being tracked down, or who are now aware of such devices, there are also counter spy gadgets that counter the effectiveness of these devices. These are called counter-intelligence devices, or devices that can detect the existence of other spy gear, like bugs or listening devices.

There are simple spy gadgets that can be used by normal people in their daily lives. Take the case of stun guns which are becoming popular among women who want a handy protection against criminals.

It is easy to get items that will fit your requirements. Take a look at specialty stores or military shops in your local are that have real spy gear for sale. Of if you want a more convenient way, you can check out the various online spy shops.

While the simple gadgets are affordable, you can expect the more complicated ones to come at a premium price. But if the need to spy on someone is a priority, then the cost should not matter at all.