November 21, 2017 3 min read

Spy glasses might sound like something straight out of a James Bond movie.

But the secret wearable cameras hidden inside the glasses are ideal for covertly filming people doing things they shouldn’t be doing.

And, thanks to technological advances such as these, more and more people are using spy gear to successfully catch cheating spouses, bullies, and abusive nannies.

Here are some cases where people have used spy equipment in real-life situations. Although as you’ll see, it’s not always for the most honest of reasons…

1. To Catch a Bully

Spy glasses are perfect for gathering evidence against someone who’s been harassing you. Especially as it’s often your word against theirs.

And that’s exactly what UK student Haresh Mehta used his glasses for.

A local bully subjected Mehta to intimidation and abuse on a regular basis. Mehta called the police out several times, but no formal action was ever taken against his bully.

Deciding to gather his own independent evidence, Mehta bought a pair of spy glasses online. He was then verbally abused by his tormentor the first time he wore them.

Mehta used the video evidence recorded by the glasses to successfully bring about a private court case against his tormentor.

2. Nightmare Nanny

Nanny cams are becoming more commonplace for parents who want to make sure that the people they hire to care for their children are doing just that.

And unfortunately, some parents’ suspicions are proved right, as Annemarie Theron found when she installed a hidden nanny cam at her home in Namibia.

Theron set up the camera after noticing bruises on her nine-month-old daughter Laila’s body. Theron also observed that Laila seemed scared of her nanny.

Theron was understandably horrified when she saw the nanny cam footage. The recording showed the nanny throwing Laila face-down in her cot, picking her up by her feet and then swinging her around.

Thankfully cases like this are few and far between. But, it’s always wise to be on the safe side where your children are concerned. If you’re considering installing a hidden nanny cam in your home then here are some of the best places to hide it.

3. High-Tech Cheating

Many of us know what it’s like to feel under pressure to pass important exams. And maybe you’ve even cheated to get the grades you needed.

However, a group of medical school applicants in Thailand took it one step further. The students used spy gear in a high-tech cheating system to attempt to pass entrance exams for Rangsit University.

Students wearing spy glasses entered the exam hall and used their devices to capture questions which were then sent to ‘tutors’. These tutors then supplied the correct answers written in code to students wearing smartwatches.

But, the cheating plot was uncovered when suspicious instructors seized the smartwatches, and the university ordered re-sits for over 3,000 students.

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As these real-life cases show, spy equipment can prove to be very useful beyond the realms of 007 and Mission Impossible.

And, whether your motives are good or not so good, the information you can gather with spy gear is often invaluable.

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