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Spying is often viewed as a necessary “evil” these days. Invasion of privacy is something we all have to be conscious of.

When it comes to spy devices for gathering evidence, however, you need something that is discreet. If you can’t predict the time and place, you’re best off hiding in plain sight.

Cheaters, intruders, and robbers will never see it coming when they’re caught red-handed with these top four spy cams!

1. Ring doorbell

Upgrade your home security system with this spy cam. The Ring doorbell monitors the perimeter of your home. Motion detection keeps footage smartly cataloged, including audio transmission.

The Ring helps protect you from scammers, unlawful entry, and criminals scoping out your place. Plus, you can get a clear picture of who is at your door.

A hidden benefit that I’m sure all buyers will appreciate: it’s great for ignoring solicitors of all types.

2. Spy Snake Cam

If you’re looking for something a bit more active for spying hard-to-reach places, the Spy Snake Cam is it.

This flexible, small, and high-quality spy device can be manipulated into unassuming places. You can install it up high and around the corner, into cracks or door frames. The Spy Snake is a sneaky spy device when used correctly.

Getting the perfect viewing angle while staying hidden is a delicate balance. If you need beginner’s advice on installing security cameras, check out this guide.

3. SpyCrushers Spy Camera Sunglasses

Are you trying to get footage of an encounter with a cheater or abusive subject? Keep your cool with the SpyCrushers Spy Camera Sunglasses.

Feel like a secret agent, spying on adversaries and villains with high-tech shades. These glasses surprisingly record in 720p HD for 100 minutes of total footage.

No bulkiness or unusual molding will give away your hidden agenda. A quick press to the frame and you have live, unadulterated footage.

4. Blu-Ray Player Hidden Camera w/ DVR – Live View Series

Need to do some extended covert recording on one of your roommates, family members, or guests? This Blu-Ray player is 100% foolproof and filled with tons of functionality. In fact, it works exactly like any top-of-the-line Blu-Ray player.

The Samsung branding on the front ensures zero chance of suspicion. Inside contains a live-recording DVR system, automatically streaming via Wi-Fi.

This plug-and-play system doesn’t require a computer to upload, unlike many spy devices. You simply log onto your mobile device and you can watch the feed from anywhere.

Video is available on-demand and in IR Nightvision.

Expert Help with Spy Devices

That’s our top four picks for devices to protect, prevent, and capture interesting activities. The selection of spy gear out there can be overwhelming, though.

If you ever need help with choosing, installing, or using electronics like these, feel free to shoot us a message  here.

We have decades of experience working in the security and home protection industry. Let us help you do what it takes to achieve a little peace of mind.

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