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Are you interested in investing in security camera equipment for your home or business, or just interested in security and spy gear? Are you unsure about the process of installation or where to put your cameras?

Learning how to install security cameras the proper way is important. You’re dealing with quality, delicate equipment here– and you definitely don’t want to risk damaging it or installing it incorrectly.

We put together a brief guide on how to install security cameras so you can set up your new system the right way.

Check out our handy guide below!

How to Install Security Cameras: Beginner’s Guide

Installing security equipment has never been easier.

Get the right stuff

If you’re going to purchase security equipment, you’ll need to invest in the best gear possible.

There are many resources available that rate and review various security cameras and other equipment so you can take the guesswork out of finding the right stuff.

Find the right spot for your camera

As a rule of thumb, you’ll need to think of why you wanted a security camera in the first place before you can place it somewhere.

Do you want to keep an eye on a babysitter or house sitter? Put the camera in a hidden spot in common areas like the living room.

Are you concerned about robberies? Keeping your cameras near entrances and windows would be a wise choice.

Prep your home

Use the blueprints of your home or a rough sketch of the building’s perimeters to map out exactly where the cameras should go for maximum range.

You definitely don’t need to turn your entire house into a reality television show– it’s impractical and pricey to monitor every spot in your home. Like we mentioned above– find the most high-traffic and vulnerable spots.

Test your equipment

Before you go through all the trouble to install your security equipment, you’ll want to test the devices first to make sure you didn’t buy a dude.

Verify that all of the cables, your DVR (digital video recorder, which you’ll need to operate security cameras), security cameras, and main monitor all work by testing them all together.

Choose a high vantage point

It may be easier to keep your camera on a shelf or in a spot that’s easily hidden, but you really can’t get a good vantage point from eye-level.

Install your cameras in high spots, preferably room corners, where a broader range of view can be achieved.

To avoid vandalism, keep your outdoor security cameras mounted a good ten feet or more above the ground where it will be difficult to reach.

Mount your cameras

Use a marker to pinpoint where screws need to go and drill the holes accordingly. When mounting the camera, be mindful of its position and angle to match where you want the device to monitor.

Follow instructions

Each security camera has its own set of instructions to connecting everything together, whether it’s through webs of cables or wireless/Bluetooth connections. Follow them accordingly.

How was our guide on how to install security cameras? Tell us what you think, along with any tips you might have, in the comments below!

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