Personal Portable GPS Tracker

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    GPS tracker is a personal remote positioning device with built-in GPS and GSM/GPRS technology in compact size. It can transmit the longitude and latitude coordinates to your cell phone by the SMS

  1. For parents who are concerned about the whereabouts of their children

  2. Dangerous neighborhoods where there are safety concerns for children playing outside.

  3. Teenagers away from home on field trips.

  4. Monitoring the safety of the elderly parents and response when they need immediate assistance.

  5. For Alzheimer patients care.

  6. Cost reduction for companies who want to track the efficiency and location of the sales and logistic employees.

Additional features

  1. Get the position information via SMS/MMS/Voice

  2. Real-time tracking – High frequency tracking mode assists with theft recovery

  3. Schedule tracking – Send out the location information on a schedule

  4. Geo-Fence – Send an alert if the target moves from/into the pre-defined area

  5. Motion alarm – Free from theft

  6. Voice Monitor – Built-in Microphone to monitor the voice/conversation live

  7. Low Battery Alert –Send the alert message as low battery status

  8. SOS function – Send the alert message to pre-defined phone num. via SMS/Voice

  9. Journey logging – Save the journey log data into memory card

  10. Voice communication – Three dial keys for voice communication

  11. NO Service Registration Required -----Saving your cost

  12. Checking location through mobile ------Anytime, Anywhere

  13. SMS POI reference report ------ A text SMS report you can understand

  14. MMS Map report ------ A map to illustrate the location, as clear as day

  15. Voice Road reference report ------ A road reference report directly by phone call

  16. Voice Guide System ------ Saving you from memorizing commands

  17. Regular Report Function

  18. SOS Function

  19. Geo Fence Function

  20. No need for server set up