Rear View Glasses

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Use these rear view sunglasses to find the followers tracking behind you without looking back. If the tracker is close, you can see his/her face clearly.

The back of the lens is mirrored to give you a clear rear view, working just like a car rear-view mirror. Great for tracking or anti-tracking operations.

These spy sunglasses come with an attractive metal frame and skidproof case.

The anti tracker glasses are completely hidden.  They look like regular sunglasses except to the user. Sunglasses have 100% protection against ultraviolet rays.


Item weight: 26g
Review mirrior: High-tech coating
Glass material: 100% UV protection
Unisex design
Monitoring of both sides


Find the tracker or target behind you. Be aware of situations behind you. Detective / Police uses, etc.
Also great for bike riding, see traffic or your partner or children.