Wall Microphone

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High Quality Wall Microphone Listening Device

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This wall microphone listening device is as powerful as it is simple and will allow you to clearly listen in on neighboring conversations through most any wall of modern construction.

A bit of a throwback to surveillance low tech, but enormously useful when quick, convenient and close listening in is required.  This monitor functions perfectly within its own scope, and provides fast information exactly when you need it. Hear through walls with clarity, simplicity, and amplification

The device picks up any and all sound vibrations, then allows the user to clearly hear conversations taking place next door.  The volume dial gives the user an easily adjustable, fully functional control that gives you the ability to listen in on anything from a whispered phone conversation to a crowded meeting clearly, distinctly andimmediately.

Easy to carry, simple to use, and a bargain for any budget, this spy device can be the right fit that provides real time information you require on the go.

  • Simple to use

  • Spy Bug with earphones

  • Volume Dial to amplify sounds

Need to hear from a bit more distance?  Our parabolic microphone gives you line of sight ability to hear from up to 300 feet away and we have multiple other listening devices available.