September 23, 2017 2 min read

“Scientia potentia es” is Latin for knowledge is power. A modern twist on the phrase — information is power — suggests that gathering information gives you power. Here we will consider why doing so with a spy watch is an effective means of doing so.

Earliest western attribution of the sentiment goes to the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes who died in 1679. The world is now unrecognizable compared to Hobbes time. But the idea that whoever holds the most and best information holds the greatest power remains true today.

Here is how a spy watch, a simple and small tool, can help you get a leg up on the competition.

What can a spy watch do?

Understanding what a spy watch can do illustrates why they are effective in gathering and preserving information.

Small and Discrete Storage

Watches are intentionally small. So space to store this like paper messages or memory cards is limited. But with the trend of bulky timepieces for men, you can pack in some surprising stuff.

Record Audio Discretely

Many people speak freely when they think they can’t be held accountable for what they say. If people don’t believe their words will come back to haunt them, they will say almost everything. Capturing that information could remove the “your word against mine” defense.

(There is a strangely good example of this in the hit Disney movie Zootopia.)

Capture Video or Stills Discretely

With a subtle adjustment of your spy watch, you can document people in the act. There is no more genuine proof of guilt than being caught red-handed.

Many watches use the increasingly powerful mobile cameras often used in other mobile devices. Some even have access to external xD, SD or micro storage cards. Some of them even store up to 8 GB of info.

Walkie-talkie Capabilities

Talking into your wristwatch as if you were in a spy thriller is less than subtle. But it is a useful feature if you need to have some degree of discretion in your locally emitted communications. But it does free up space on your person for other gear.

Motion Sensor? Yes Please!

Watches already make noise for alarms. Add a small IR sensor and you have a motion sensor alert like in simple home security systems. However, because of the size limitations, an IR sensor has limited range and only really make sense when you’re wearing it. Plus, an IR sensor doesn’t discriminate between a cute kitty or a creep.

A Word of Caution

The U.S. Federal Government and state government have varying laws over who can record and what they can record. Simply because you can record information doesn’t mean you should or that you can use it. Unless you plan to operate outside of the law (which we advise you don’t), keep your recording activities on the right side of legal.

You’re going to want a pro to set you up with the right gear, advise you on what you can do and where you can do it. Call us today for the insider perspective on the best spy equipment!

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