October 07, 2017 2 min read

Have you ever felt like you were being watched while shopping?

Well, these days it’s not just the security camera in the corner, or the sales representative staring you down. Retailers are getting a lot more advanced with how they collect customer data to help improve sales and customer satisfaction.

It may (or may not) sound a little creepy, but it’s 2021, and with all of the crazy technology in the world, we might as well get over the fact that we are all being watched 24/7. Below, you can find out how retailers are improving your consumer experience with spy gadgets.


This may seem like the most obvious reason for retailers to spy on their customers, but it is extremely important to create a great customer experience.

Most retailers these days have multiple security cameras throughout their store. The cameras are usually thought to be in place to help prevent shoplifting. While that may be true, security cameras are also there for other reasons.

Retailers use these spy gadgets as a way to also record false injury claims, money handling, robberies, and staff monitoring, just to name a few.

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Many retailers are taking advantage of more advanced spy gear to help improve their customer service skills.

Whether it’s a hidden camera on an employee or a voice recorder, these are tools not meant to invade your privacy, but to help improve your satisfaction level. For example, retailers are able to record one-on-one conversations with employees and customers to ensure customer satisfaction.

Not only are retailers able to improve the employee and customer relationship through these spy gadgets, they can also monitor consumer conversations with one another. This may also seem invasive, but it’s simply there to make sure the customers are having an enjoyable experience and talking about the products.

Spy Gadgets for Supply and Demand

With technology evolving at an alarming rate, it should be no surprise that stores are able to track their inventory and consumer demand for products.

Many stores have tracking devices that allow a retailer to watch which products are flying off the shelves, or which ones are collecting dust. This not only helps the retailer know what they need to order more of, it also helps them know what the customers want.

When stores are able to keep their most demanded products on the shelves, it creates a positive relationship with the customers. That positive relationship will then create a good reputation for the company.

Retailers not only use product tracking devices in store, they are also huge for online sales. These days it is just as important, if not more, for a customer to have a great experience online as well as real life.

Final Words

Going back to the very first question in this article – are you being watched? Yes, yes you are. However, it is in your best interest as a consumer, and it’s in the retailer’s best interest as a supplier.

Spy gadgets are all around us. Perhaps you might even want to invest in your own.

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