WiFi Signal and Camera Lens Detector

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Always stay one step ahead. Detect and find spy camera lenses and spy Bug devices in your surroundings with this spy camera detector. This spy bug detector works by detecting wireless frequencies that are emitted from wireless hidden devices and narrows in on its fixed position.

This spy camera detector gadget works by detecting wireless frequencies that are within the range of 1 - 6500MHz. Once you switch this Spy Detector ON, make a floor sweep of your environment and watch the LED's carefully, once the spy camera detector begin to pick up a wireless signal, the 4 LED's will then start to light up individually, and as you get closer to the signal all the LED's will begin light up in a row.

This spy camera detector can also help you find hidden spy wired cameras by looking through the circular glass, while the 4 flashing LED lights reflect off the camera lens in order for you to locate its hidden position. Spy Camera Detectors are very much in need in our society, with praying eyes all over the place along with private investigators, undercover journalists etc, all wanting to be the next James Bond.

This Spy Camera Detector will detect and find hidden spy cameras be they wireless cameras or wired cameras by using both Flashing LED's and a wireless signal detector with LED signal strength indicators. This amazing spy camera detector also comes in a compact form factor which makes it easy and comfortable to be taken everywhere with you, such as hotels, motels or even to a friends house.


  • Counter surveillance

  • Spy Camera Detector

  • Proximity detection alert

  • Find hidden camera lenses

  • Detect wireless video signals

  • Alerts you when it detects wireless signals

  • Primary Function: Wifi Detector and Camera Lens Finder

  • Material: Hard Molded Plastic

  • Detecting Wave Distance: 920nm

  • Receiving Range: 1MHz - 6500 MHz

  • Optic Lens: Professional Grade IR Lens

  • Power: AAA Battery x 2 (Not Inlcuded)

  • On Board Buttons:
    - Retractable Antenna
    - Sensitivity +/- Control
    - OFF, Audio Alarm, Proximity Alarm, LED Indicators Fro Proximity Detection

  • Dimensions: L: 107 x W:50 x D:17 (mm)

  • Detects up to 6.5GHz wireless video signals

  • A great tool to find hidden lenses anywhere in your home or office.

  • Always worried about hidden cameras in ornaments or that little hole in the ceiling, then find them with this camera lens finder.

  • Portable, can be used anywhere, take it with you to hotels, motels and make sure no one is watching


  • Wifi and Lens Detector

  • Screen Cloth

  • User Manual