Wireless Signal and Camera Lens Detector

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Wireless Signal and Camera Lens Detector

This detector ensures security and safety and lets you know if you are being spied on. Portable and easy to use, you can keep this device with you wherever you go for 24/7 security. The two parts of this detector work together to not only instantly let you know if you are being watched, but will also detect where you are being watched from. This is how:

Wireless Signal Detector : Will either beep or vibrate (depending on mode) whenever it detects a wireless signal. Once detected, just use LED signal strength indicator to follow the signal back to the source. If there are too many signals nearby and the signal strength is constantly at the maximum, just lower the sensitivity through a convenient slide on the side of the device.

Camera Lens Detector : Includes 6 ultra bright LED lights to help locate the exact location of any surveillance equipment. When turned on, the lights will reflect off of the lens of any spy devices and small cameras, allowing you to easily pinpoint their location when peering through the viewing window. With a quick sweep of the room, you'll be able to effortlessly locate even the smallest of spy cameras.

This detector is an easy to use industry favorite and is counter surveillance gear commonly used by the military, casinos, banks, hotels, celebrities, police, private detectives, schools, train stations, and many others. Pairs well with our hidden camera detector.

  • Lightweight, easy to use and extremely effective wireless signal detector

  • Ideal for those who value their privacy and to prevent intrusive filming of your activities

  • Prevents eavesdropping, unlawful video-taping, and fraud

  • Quickly locates the source of any wireless signals and spy cameras

  • Effective anti spy device

  • Primary Function: Wireless Signal and Camera Lens Detector

  • Material: ABS

  • Power: Built-in rechargeable 450mAH li-ion battery

  • Detecting Wave Distance: 920nm

  • Receiving Range: 1MHz - 6500 MHz

  • Detection Mode: Sound or Vibration

  • On Board Buttons:
    - Retractable Antenna
    - Sensitivity +/- Control
    - Power switch
    - Laser light switch
    - 3.5mm Earphone in
    - DC 5V in

  • Power adapter: AC 110-240V, 50/60Hz

  • Dimensions: L: 93 x W:46 x D:16 (mm)

  • Detects whether or not your car or office has wireless listening devices installed

  • Detects SMS send and receive signals, cell phone internet signals, and call signals

  • Special dedicated optical lens filters

  • Built-in Compass

  • Detection of camera lens

  • Detection of radio waves (wireless camera/listening device, etc.)

  • This product ships with a universal wall socket adapter and will work anywhere in the world

  • Wireless Signal and Camera Lens Detector

  •  Power Adapter

  •  Universal Travel Adapter

  •  Earphones

  • User Manual