Biometric Entry Lock

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Bring biometrics and high tech to your home or office with this premium biometric lock. This high quality lock with deadbolt features 3 forms of entry, (fingerprint, access code, and key) for when only the highest quality in door entry security is acceptable.

Misplacing keys is common and easy, and poses a security threat. Combine that with the fact that standard door handle/lock systems can be easily picked, and you can see why upgrading to a biometric system is important for security. With this door lock, access is granted by a state-of-the-art 3D optical sensor that can't be broken into and was designed to guard your home or office. PIN code or key entry options are also available as a backup for additional security.

The design uses a high grade fireproof aluminum body and double layer lock panel. There is also a deadbolt lock to increase protection, making this one of the most impregnable fingerprint lock systems on the market.

This entry security system is impossible to break into, but for those who have clearance, access is fast and easy.

    • Heavy duty finger print lock - opens by fingerprint, mechanical key, or key code

    • Comes in a complete set for DIY installation and security right out of the box

    • Premium level fingerprint door security now available for normal business and personal uses

    • Deadbolt lock for double the security

    • Double layer steel lock panel

    • Product Description: Fingerprint Door Lock

    • Storage Capacity: 100 fingerprints

    • Fingerprint Sensor: Optical sensor

    • Sensor Resolution: 450dpi

    • Scan Time: <0.5s

    • Angle of Finger Reading: 360 degrees

    • Unlock Method: key, fingerprint, pin code

    • Door Thickness: 35mm - 80mm, shim plates provided for thinner doors

    • Power Source: 4x AA batteries (not included)

    • Battery Life: Around 1 year

    • Dynamic Power Consumption: <200mA

    • Static Power Consumption: <10mA

    • Working Temperature: -20 to 55 Degrees C

    • Working Humidity: 0 - 95%

    • False Rejection Rate (FRR): = 1%

    • False Acceptance Rate (FAR): = 0.0001%

    • Dimensions: 250 x 74mm (H x W)

    • Left handed installation

    • Fireproof

    • Low battery alarm

    • High sensitivity, high speed recognition

    • Premium Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

    • Door Lock

    • Strike Box

    • Strike Plate

    • Screws

    • Mechanical Key x3

    • Instruction Manual - English