Cell Phone Recording Device

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This cell phone recording device allows you to digitally record cell phone conversations via Bluetooth. The device can record from any cell phone which is Bluetooth enabled, with amazing digital clarity and simple push-button operation. Recorded calls can be saved into identifyable folders for later review, making this device perfect for archiving calls, evidence collection, or interviews. A perfect addition to your surveillance equipment.cell phone recording device

  Device functions / features: 

  • Mobile phone answering and redialing

  • Supports Bluetooth handsfree speakerphone

  • One button recording & playback

  • TF card extension

  • OLED colorful display screen

  • High grade metal construction

· Four Recording modes:
    LP: Long time recording
    SP: High quality recording
    HP: Ultra-high quality recording
    SHQ: Super high quality

· Timer recording
    Auto recording according to preset time

· Voice Activated Recording (VOR/VAR)
· External microphone recording

· Telephone conversation recording

· Password protection - Prevent important information from being accessed. Uses as a USB flash drive attached with password function.
· Folder management system allows you to organize files and fine them conveniently.
· Time setting
· Recording monitor
· Automatic section-break
· Built-in high power loudspeaker