Computer Mouse GSM Sound Monitor

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This is a fully functional USB style computer mouse. Except ours contains a hidden GSM audio bug. All you do is phone the sim card hidden in the mouse and you can listen into whats going on around the vicinity of the mouse.

The device is hidden away inside the mouse and so is very covert. Imagine being able to simply dial in and listen to what is being said around the area the mouse is. As this device works using GSM technology you have no range limitations you can literally listen in from anywhere.



    Voice active monitoring .
    Built in adjustable sensitivity voice active microphone.
    Built in High sensitivity monitoring amplifier microphone
    Built in phone number filter function, other phone will not allowed to monitoring.
    Can used SMS to set active or deactivate sound active mode.
    Built in shock alert active function, will call and send SMS when detect shock alert.
    Easy to operate, just install SIM card and SMS setting for all function modes
    Built in rechargeable polymer LIION battery, with capacity up to 4200mA
    USB charging ways, can be used while charging.
    Built in charger circuit allowed using in charge mode.

GSM band module:     900/1800/1900
Voice sensitive:     -75db
Standby power consumption:     6mAh
Working power consumption:     200mAh
Power:     3.7V  4200mA
Charger power:     5VDC at 500mA
size:     110x60x40mm
Filter mode:     4 sensitivity voice filter
Alert mode:     3 SMS number&1 calling number
Control mode:     SMS control