Digital Motion Detect Video Recorder

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Motion Detection Digital Video Recorder- An excellent solution to a simple problem, how can you record around the clock but only capture what you need - the action. With this item set up you will only get the good stuff, as it records video or takes images when it detects a change of picture (ie motion) from the camera. Long boring editing jobs are now a thing of the past. This smart product can work independently without the need to install any complicated software, and with first in first out operation it will record continuously! Each time the DVR gets triggered it will record a 10 second clip, this is long enough to get some decent footage but short enough to conserve memory. If the event is still in progress then capture will be triggered again. ( eg a 90 second event will be caught in nine ten second clips) A simple to use product that'll do the job and do it well, buy today at great wholesale prices.

Technical Specifications

  • Supply Voltage: DC5V

  • Work Current: 350mA

  • Work Temp: -10 deg C~ +50 deg C

  • Video Input Impedance: 75ohm

  • Video Input Level: 1Vp-p

  • Video Polarity: Cathode

  • Video Output Impedance: 75ohm

  • Video Output Level: 1Vp-p

  • Picture Format:JPEG

  • Video Format: AVI (320x240)

  • Colour System: PAL/NTSC

  • Internal Storage: with the flash card of 16MB

  • Max Memory: support 2GB SD Card

  • File Format: picture with JPEG, Video with AVI

  • Record Time: Every recording time 10S

  • Dimensions: 120x110x25mm(LxWxT)

Other Features

  • Internal Flash Memory Will Store about 230 Images OR 50 video clips

  • Supports SD Card up to 2GB

  • Capture is First in, First out -Will Record Continiously

  • Supports CCD or CMOS

  • Support Playback on TV/monitor, or on Computer Via Card Reader


  • Manual

  • Power Adapter

  • One Shooting Control Cable

  • One Video Cable