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One simple step with the GSM Bug allows you to become the fly on the wall that we’ve all wished to be at one time or another. Get direct intel in its most unfiltered form, by listening in via GSM.

Simple to use and easy to set up, just put any cell phone SIM into this low-profile bug, covertly place the beauty where she won’t be detected, and then dial the number and listen.

With the ability to listen from anywhere in the world via telephone, you can use this undetectable surveillance spy device that is compatible with all SIM cards, and always easy to retrieve.  A great investment with an almost unlimited number of uses this bug will easily become your go-to device for covert information gathering.


Frequency: 850\900\1800\1900 is all GSM SIM card compatible.

Embedded microphone with powerful sound receiving effects.

24 hours non-stop power supply / 15 days Stand-By time

All GSM SIM cards compatible.