Hat MSC104

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The Hat Camera is positioned in the center of the cap allowing you to control the area you are monitoring.  No need to worry about aiming or positioning, the camera is located so that the operator has hands-free video recording capabilities. Just put on the cap, and you are ready to conduct covert video operations. It is the placement in the cap that differentiates this from the rest of the body worn hidden cameras. The point-of-view is that of the individual recording and it allows undercover operatives to inconspicuously change the position of the camera by looking in the direction of the target.


    * Color Camera
    * High Resolution
    * Single Pin Connector
    * Single Cable Connects Video, Audio & Power

Simple Operation

   1. Attach camera to one of our compatible DVRs.
   2. Tuck DVR recorder under the lining of the hat.
   3. Place hat on head and start capturing hands free spy camera video.


Video System       NTSC
Picture Element    (H) 768 x (V) 492
Resolution (H)      450 TV Line

CCD Image Sensor    Color ¼ Interline CCD
MIN Illumination        0.2 lux / F1.2
Electronic Shutter    1/60 ~ 1/120,000

Video Output    1.0Vp-p Composite at 75 ohm
MIC Sensitivity    59dB + /13 dB
Lens    4.3 mm
Angle of View    80 degree
Power Supply Voltage    5V + / -0.5 V
Power Supply Current    250mA


  • Hat Camera

  • Switching Cables

  • Battery Holder