High Range RF Audio Bug

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High Range RF Audio Bug

Foresight is better than hindsight and being prepared with information gathering will give you that crucial advantage.

When you want to make the jump to the next level then the high range RF bug is the right tool for your job!

Put plainly, this one is for the Pros. This stealth package is for when you not only need the information, but you need a failsafe record of it that you can provide to your client, attorney, or department. 

Simple to operate and conceal, with minimal profile and maximum functional range, this listening device provides loud, long and clear audio with a distortion free receiver.  The functional flex antenna allows optimal placement to get the job done. A perfect example of the professional spy equipment for sale at 007 spy gear.



  • Complete Audio Bug Listening Device with real-time audio

  • The transmitter is small enough to hide almost anywhere

  • Professional grade audio bug with up to 2800 meter wireless transmission

  • 3.5mm line OUT jack to record the audio to DVR or similar audio recording device

  • Clear audio reception without any distortion or noise. 


  • Product Description: Professional Grade Listening Device

  • Transmission Range: Up to 2800 meter open field wireless transmissions

  • Transmitter Has Antenna: YES - flexible wire type

  • Transmitter Controls/Ports
    - Mini USB Power IN (for recharging)
    - ON / OFF switch
    - Antenna

  • Receiver Controls/Ports
    - 3.5mm earphone jack (for Listening)
    - 3.5mm line OUT (for Recording)
    - Volume rotary dial (And On/Off Switch)
    - Antenna connector (for long range transmissions)

  • Transmitting/Receiving Frequency: ISM/UHF band, GM980C use fixed frequency point, GM980DJ use broadband to transmit signal

  • Power Source:
    Transmitter: 850mAh internal li-ion battery
    Receiver: 2x AAA Battery (Not included)

  • Transmitter Battery Life: 8 hours of constant use

  • Dimensions:
    - Transmitter 49mm x 33mm x 20mm (L x W x D)
    - Receiver 95mm x 54mm x 19mm (L x W x D)

  • Audio bug can easily be taped, glued or placed under tables, chairs, desks or similar furniture where conversations normally take palce

  • Receiver has a 3.5mm line OUT jack for recording audio to DVR or similar audio recorder