IP Security I34

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Waterproof IP security camera with WIFI, night vision, and DVR functionality! When you can't be there yourself, let this camera watch for you!

Easy Installation
: Simple to set up use:

  • Plug into power outlet

  • If using Ethernet, connect cable to camera

  • If using WIFI, connect antenna to camera

  • Install program on disk

  • The program generates an IP address

  • Paste IP address into web browser and instantly view or record camera's streamed videos

: The Skynet One waterproof IP security camera with WIFI and night vision lets you watch what is going on outside your home, in the alley behind your store, or in your garage, while you're safe and comfortable indoors, anywhere in the world there is internet access.  You can literally be on a trip in the Bahamas and monitor your home in Dallas.

How does it work? Skynet One is connects to the Internet and generates an IP address for itself when you connect. With that IP address, you can view and record everything the video camera sees from anywhere in the world. All you need is an web connection.

: Skynet One let's you see what's going at home or at work from anywhere in the world, and there's more.  It is housed in a rugged anodized aluminum shell which is waterproof.  So in rain, sleet, or snow, you'll see and be able to record everything.  Streaming VGA quality graphics can even monitor the environment when there is no ambient light available, as the 1/4 inch CMOS sensor and 30 infrared lights provide night vision.

This IP security camera with interpolated 100 frames per second recording functionality.

At a Glance...

  • High quality CMOS sensor

  • Access camera output from anywhere on the Web

  • Can function with or without PC

  • Record 100 fps interpolated videos to your hard drive

  • Connect through WiFi or LAN cable

  • Nightvision (30 IR LED's)

  • Waterproof


  • Primary Function: Waterproof IP Security Camera with WIFI and Night Vision

  • Camera Information:
    - Sensor: 1/4 inch CMOS
    - Horizontal Definition: 380 TV Lines
    - Lens: f=6.0mm
    - Minimum Illumination: 0 Lux
    - White balance: AUTO
    - Infrared: Yes (30 LED lights)
    - Daytime Effective Distance: 100 meters
    - Nighttime Effective Distance: 50 meters

  • Image Information:
    - Video Resolution: VGA (640x480), QVGA (320x240)
    - Video Frame Rate: VGA (30 fps interpolated to 100 fps), QVGA (30 fps interpolated to 100 fps)
    - Video Format: AVI (Motion JPEG)
    - Video File Size: ~ 30 Mb / minute (VGA)
    - Still Image Format: JPEG

  • IP Information:
    - Connectivity: Wired (RJ-45/10-100 Base T) or WIFI (802.11 b/g)
    - WIFI Encryption: None, WEP, WPA-TKIP, WPA-AES, WPA2-AES, WPA2-TKIP + AES
    - Protocols Supported: TCP/IP, DHCP, SMTP, HTTP, DDNS, UPNP, ICMP, FTP, DNS, UDP

  • General Information:
    - Waterproof: Yes
    - Requires Computer: NO
    - Multi-camera support: 4
    - Browser Display: Single or Quad
    - Power consumption: 3W
    - Certification: CE, FCC
    - Dimensions: 170 mm (length) x 65 mm (diameter)


  • Recording camera output is done through your IE browser. Simply install the software on disk and it will add viewing and recording functionality to your browser.

  • Setup 4 cameras in order to monitor four different locations.

  • WIFI Antenna

  • Power Adapter 100 - 240v

  • Mounting Kit

  • CD - (User Manual & Software)