Long Range Walkie Talkie Set 220v

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Highest quality, premium two-way communication set consisting of a pair (set of TWO) powerful walkie talkies, or handheld transceivers, that allow for instant communication without the need of cell phone coverage or any kind of monthly service fees.

These walkie talkies are the ideal communication device for maintaining contact in many jobs and situations including;

  • Building Security Teams

  • Campus Maintenance Crews

  • Police Departments

  • Fire Departments

  • Bike Couriers

  • Trade Shows and Exhibit Events

  • Wilderness areas where phones do not work

  • Overseas holiday travel where using a cell phone may be expensive or troublesome

  • Search and Rescue

  • Survival Go-Bag

  • Emergency / Disaster Preparedness Go-Bag

While very easy to use, these two-way radio walkie talkies are very powerful short-range voice communication devices. They have multiple benefits over cellular phones including - Instant Communication, Easy to Talk with Multiple People at the Same Time, Free to Use, No SIM Card or Monthly Fees Required, and much more. With the ability to talk with 2 or 200 people at once, and not needing to pay any kind of monthly fees like with cell phones, you can see why many businesses have chosen to use two-way radios to keep in contact with employees and security personnel.

These walkie talkies are the most reliable, convenient, and at the same time the most economical way to keep in touch with other members of your team. They come complete with rechargeable batteries + charging stations and easy to follow instructions so you can start using them within minutes of receiving your package. If you need always available two-way communication, don't wait any longer, click "add to cart" to get your two-way radios today at a special limited offer price!

  • Powerful pair of walkie talkie handsets

  • VOX function for true hands-free communication

  • Uses open UHF radio frequencies

  • Easy to use and highly reliable

  • Durable construction can withstand mild impacts

  • Product Description: Walkie Talkie Set

  • Output Power: 5W

  • Frequency Range (UHF): 400 - 469.995 MHz

  • Communication Range: 3-5KM+

  • Stored Channels: 199

  • Antenna Impedance: 50 Ohms

  • Inter-Modulate Noise Assistance: Above 50dB

  • Power Source: Rechargeable NiMh Battery

  • Charging Station Power Supply: 220V

  • Dimensions (with antenna on): L:245 x W:60 x D:33 (mm)

  • Manufacturer Ref: TXR55F4C4Q4

  • Especially good for volunteer fire and ambulance departments with a limited budget (work as good as products from Motorola or Siemens but cost 1/5th the price)

  • These transmitting and receiving two-way radio walkie talkies also go by the name "Professional Walkie Talkie Set, UHF Transceiver" in the press

  • Communication transmission and reception are ideal in open areas (up to 15KM). Under confined environments such as inside warehouses or other buildings, the maximum range may be limited to approximately 5KM.

  • Comes with USB programming cable and drivers. However, the programming functions are for use only by advanced users that have experience with channel programming and have access to the correct software.

  • This product is compatible with the same software used by the Kenwood KPG87D.


  • (2) Walkie Talkie

  • (2) Rechargeable Battery Pack

  • (2) Charging Base (220V or 110V - Choose at Checkout)

  • (2) Antenna

  • (2) Wrist strap

  • (2) Carrying clip

  • Manual - English

  • USB transfer cable

  • CD with drivers