Long Range Walkie Talkies 2KM range

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These long range Walkie Talkies have an impressive 2.5KM clear signal range. The ergonomically designed pair, also known as handheld transceivers or 2-way radios, enable you to communicate with your partner up to 2.5 kilometers (approx. 1.55 miles) away.

Instead of relying on a cellphone, these walkie-talkies are a practical alternative for both business and personal use such as keeping in touch in busy, crowded places such as trade fairs in large conference centers and vacation parks like Disneyland. Easy to use, these radio walkie talkies are also ideal for safety use when camping where cellular phone signals are not available. A handy built-in flashlight also provides the ability to send light signals or to provide additional illumination when required.


  • Powerful walkie talkies with a range of up to 2.5KM.

  • Enhanced by technology filtering out weak transmissions and interference due to surrounding terrain.

  • Multi-channel scan without changing channels

  • Backlit display shows channel information, current volume, signal information and remaining battery power

    • Communication range: up to 2.5 kilometers

    • Scannable channels: 8 (European primary channels)

    • Frequency: 446 Mhz

    • Transmission Power: < 500mW

    • Power Source: 4x AAA batteries (not included)

    • Dimensions: 98mm (L) x 52mm (W) x 25mm (D)

    • Buttons:
      - Power on/off button
      - Function button
      - Monitor button
      - Up button
      - Down button
      - Lamp button
      - Scan button
      - Call button
      - Talk button

    • Low power mode to extend battery life ensuring cost-effective operation

    • Built-in flashlight/lamp to send light signals or to provide additional lighting

    • Belt clip to secure attachment of each walkie talkie handset

    • These portable, two way radio transceivers feature technology that can actively filter out weak transmission and unwanted noise caused by terrain conditions. With these walkie talkies, you can always be confident of staying in touch.

    • Ear/MIC jack has been disabled for this unit.

    • User Manual