Multifunction Mini DV F16

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This product is the first kind of Mini DV which has the function of remote control, night vision, mobile detection, hd shooting, photo, voice recording, network camera. it is also called "Family Security Mini DV", it can take photographs and hd video. easily to be operated, small and exquisite, beautiful and practical, portable. It is the necessary practical tool for the field such as family security. Education and daily life. Well received by all users.


Set The Using Scene: Please comply with the sate laws restrictly, this product may not be usedfor any illegal purpose, or at your peril.

About Battery: The work time of the battery will become shorter, with the growing use of time, if not used for a long time ,please recharge it before use.

It is normal that the real capacity is less than standard capacity.

Security of File: This product is not professional storage, we don’t guarantee the security and integrity of the internal files, please backup your important files to your pc or other storage.

Quality of The Camera: This product is not professional camera device. we don’t guarantee your expected quality.

Working Temperature: -10℃-60℃

Working Humidity: 20%-80%, Please don’t use it in a damp environment, this product not waterproof.

Shooting Lllumination: Please use it in a enough lights environment, but don’t leave the camera pointed directly at the sun, to aviod damage the optical device.

Cleaning Requirements: Please don’t use it in a high dust density environment, to aviod camera pointed attached dust, affect the quality of shooting. you can use lens cleaning paper to clean the lens.

Other Notices: This product is precision electronics product, please don’t subject it to strong shocks and continuous vibration. please don’t use it under strong magnetic and eletronic field.

Disposal: Please attention of environmental protection, don’t throw away this product. Forbid throw it into the fire, to aviod explosion.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Mini DV

  • 1x USB Cable

  • 1x User Manual

  • 1x Retail Box