OmniCam Mini DVR Kit Sony CCD

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Surveillance, sports action, or whatever your purpose, The OmniCam mini video camera DVR kit is your best bet for best video capture results.

The OmniCam mini camcorder DVR kit is two units in one. It is a top of the line extendible 1/3 inch Sony CCD lens attachment, and it's a first class digital video recorder (DVR) + multimedia player. Plug the lens attachment into the DVR body and the world is yours!

Spy / Surveillance Camera : With the DVR body in your pocket and the wired lens threaded down your shirt sleeve, The OmniCam let's you covertly and easily video capture live music concert footage, live sports events, and collect evidence like a private investigator. Or set the unit to motion record or even timer record, leave the camera in a good location and...hidden camera videos anyone?

Multipurpose Camcorder : A fraction the weight and size of other camcorders, The OmniCam is a pleasure to use for endurance video filming events like weddings and birthdays parties. More importantly, The OmniCam records in high definition 30 frames per second AVI file format, so it will treasure your memories as much as you do!

Multimedia Player : Because life should not be all work and no play, The OmniCam is also a sensational multimedia player that effortlessly plays the following video, audio, and photo file formats:

Design Excellence
: It's hard to see in pictures how well built The OmniCam is, but the fact is - The OmniCam is one of the most well-constructed, well-designed mini camcorders on the market today. It has an exceptionally user-friendly menu system: just rotate the knob on top of the unit to cycle through camcorder mode, MP4 player mode, settings mode, and internal/external MIC selection mode. (Yes, this all-purpose action video camera supports an external MIC!)


  • Records 30 frames per second high definition AVI files

  • Supports up to 32GB TF/MicroSD cards

  • 1/3 inch SONY CCD lens!


  • Adjustable loop record function

  • Instant record, motion record, and timer record


  • Wired Lens Video Camcorder + MP4 Player

  • Camera Lens Attachment
    - Imaging sensor type: 1/3" color Sony CCD
    - Horizontal Definition: 480 TV lines
    - Minimum Illumination: 0.5 LUX
    - Cord Length: 1.5 meter

  • Main DVR Body
    - Screen size: 2.5 Inch LCD
    - Video Output: PAL / NTSC
    - Power Saving: YES ( 5 min / 10 min / 20 min / Never)
    - LCD Saving: YES ( 1 min / 5 min / Never)
    - Vibrate: ON/OFF
    - Key Press Sound: ON/OFF
    - Brightness Control: YES
    - TF / MicroSD Card Format Function: YES
    - Memory Info: YES
    - Languages: Chinese, English
    - Built-in Flash Memory: 128MB
    - External Memory: TF / MicroSD card (up to 32GB)
    - Dimensions: 65mm x 55mm x 17mm (L x W x D)
    - Power Supply: Rechargeable Li-ion battery (1300 mAh)
    - Charging Time: 4 hours
    - Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista (32 bit version only)
    - Certification: CE, FCC, RoHs

  • Camcorder Specifications
    - Recording Format: AVI
    - Recording Resolution: 720 x 576 (25FPS), 720 x 480 (30FPS), 640 x 480 (30FPS), 320 x 240 (30FPS)
    - Recording Quality: High, Medium, Low
    - Recording Size HIGH Setting: 720 x 576 (45 MB/min), 720 x 480 (43 MB/min), 640 x 480 (39 MB/min), 320 x 240 (12 MB/min)
    - Recording Size Medium Setting: 720 x 576 (36 MB/min), 720 x 480 (33 MB/min), 640 x 480 (27 MB/min), 320 x 240 (10 MB/min)
    - Recording Size Low Setting: 720 x 576 (20 MB/min), 720 x 480 (18 MB/min), 640 x 480 (16 MB/min), 320 x 240 (8 MB/min)
    - Recording Content: Video, Video + Audio
    - Loop Record Function: ON/OFF
    - Motion Record: YES
    - Timer Record: YES
    - Time Display: YES/NO
    - Storage: Internal or TF / microSD card
    - Battery Recording Time: ~ 2 hours

  • Media Player:
    - Video format: AVI
    - Audio format: MP3, WAV
    - Photo format: JPG
    - Playback: ~ 4 hours

  • Interface
    - Function Knob
    - AV OUT
    - Earphone Jack (3.5 mm)
    - Camera Lens Connector / AV IN
    - POWER ON / OFF
    - Functioning Indicator
    - Recording Indicator
    - Esc / Quit / Cancel Button
    - Play / Record / Confirm Button
    - Navigation UP / DOWN Buttons
    - Mini-USB Jack
    - TF / MicroSD Slot
    - Volume Control
    - MIC
    - Speakers

  • Unlike many action camcorders on the market which uses text files to update the time stamp on recorded videos, this product uses an internal clock (adjustable) for better accuracy and convenience.

  • CCD camera lens are vastly superior to CMOS lenses. What's more, this unit comes with a Sony CCD lens for outstanding picture quality everytime!

  • This unit is delivered with minimal internal memory to keep its price low and affordable. Surveys have shown that customers prefer flash memory cards because it is swappable and portable.

  • Mini Digital Video Recording System (camera and recorder)

  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (1300 mAh)

  • Quick Battery Charging Cradle (100-240V, 50/60Hz)

  • AV IN Cable

  • AV OUT Cable

  • USB Cable

  • CD with drivers

  • Protective Pack w/ Belt Loop

  • Velcro Strap

  • Cycle Mounts x4

  • User Manual