Tissue Box 8GB

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1280x720p Tissue Box Wireless Spy Hidden Camera With Remote Control

The wireless Tissue Box Spy hidden camera is actually a cover that slips over an existing box of tissues.You can find hidden cameras in almost anything these days. Hidden cameras are so small they are virtually invisible to a naked eye. They are easy to use and involve minimum, if any, installation. Covert cameras can be used to ensure peace of mind and the safety of your family and business. Prevent employee, housekeeper or roommate theft and keep your eye on property and children by using hidden video surveillance cameras.

This Micro Cam recorder records Hi-Resolution real time (15fps) video via its internal pin hole camera at the touch of a button. Recordings are stored on the 8GB built in USB memory. Up to around 1000 minutes of 1280 x 720 AVI video can be recorded on 1GB. Internal rechargeable battery is recharged via USB connection.


  • Security 8GB USB Digital Video Recorder built in Tissue Box(16GB/32GB Optional)

  • High Quality (100% New in Box) 

  • User Friendly (Very Easy to Use) 

  • 4GB memory for up to 1000 minutes real time recording 

  • Record for over 100 minutes on single charge 

  • Works as a USB drive

  • Colour video recording

Package Includes: 

  • 1x 8GB Tissue Box Wireless Control Hidden Spy Camera

  • 1x Wireless Remote Control

  • 1x USB Cable